C# Class ACAT.Extensions.Default.FunctionalAgents.VolumeSettings.VolumeSettingsScanner.CloseHandler

Handles the "close" command to exit. Confirms with the user whether to set the volume, does what the user orders and then exits.
Inheritance: ACAT.Lib.Core.PanelManagement.CommandDispatcher.RunCommandHandler
Datei anzeigen Open project: brlima94/acat-localization

Public Methods

Method Description
CloseHandler ( String cmd ) : System

Initializes a ne instance of the class

Execute ( bool &handled ) : bool

Executes the specified command

Method Details

CloseHandler() public method

Initializes a ne instance of the class
public CloseHandler ( String cmd ) : System
cmd String the command to execute
return System

Execute() public method

Executes the specified command
public Execute ( bool &handled ) : bool
handled bool true if it was handled
return bool