C# Class ACAT.Extensions.Default.UI.Dialogs.ScannerSettingsForm

Inheritance: System.Windows.Forms.Form, IDialogPanel
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Public Methods

Method Description
OnButtonActuated ( ACAT.Lib.Core.WidgetManagement.Widget widget ) : void

Triggered when a widget is actuated.

OnPause ( ) : void

Pause the scanner

OnResume ( ) : void

Resume paused scanner

OnRunCommand ( string command, bool &handled ) : void

Not used

ScannerSettingsForm ( ) : System

Initializes a new instance of the class.

Protected Methods

Method Description
OnFormClosing ( FormClosingEventArgs e ) : void

Form is closing release resources

Private Methods

Method Description
ScannerSettingsForm_FormClosing ( object sender, FormClosingEventArgs e ) : void

Form is closing. Releases resources

ScannerSettingsForm_Load ( object sender, EventArgs e ) : void

Form has been loaded. Initialize

WndProc ( Message &m ) : void
getSettingsFromUI ( ) : ACAT.Lib.Extension.ACATPreferences

Gets the values from the form and updates the settings. Returns the preferences object with the new settings

initWidgetSettings ( ACAT.Lib.Extension.ACATPreferences prefs ) : void

Initialize the controls on the form based on the corresponding values in the preferences

loadDefaultSettings ( ) : void

Loads default settings from the preferences file

quit ( ) : void

Confirms with the user and quits the dialog

saveSettingsAndQuit ( ) : void

Saves the settings and quits the dialog

subscribeToEvents ( ) : void

Subscribes to all the events triggered by the widgets and the interpreter

widget_EvtValueChanged ( object sender, ACAT.Lib.Core.WidgetManagement.WidgetEventArgs e ) : void

User changed some setting on the screen. Set the dirty flag to indicate this

Method Details

OnButtonActuated() public method

Triggered when a widget is actuated.
public OnButtonActuated ( ACAT.Lib.Core.WidgetManagement.Widget widget ) : void
widget ACAT.Lib.Core.WidgetManagement.Widget Which one triggered?
return void

OnFormClosing() protected method

Form is closing release resources
protected OnFormClosing ( FormClosingEventArgs e ) : void
e System.Windows.Forms.FormClosingEventArgs event arg
return void

OnPause() public method

Pause the scanner
public OnPause ( ) : void
return void

OnResume() public method

Resume paused scanner
public OnResume ( ) : void
return void

OnRunCommand() public method

Not used
public OnRunCommand ( string command, bool &handled ) : void
command string
handled bool
return void

ScannerSettingsForm() public method

Initializes a new instance of the class.
public ScannerSettingsForm ( ) : System
return System