C# (CSharp) AlphaTab.Model Пространство имен


Имя Описание
Bar A bar is a single block within a track, also known as Measure.
Beat A beat is a single block within a bar. A beat is a combination of several notes played at the same time.
JsonConverter This class can convert a full Score instance to a simple JavaScript object and back for further JSON serialization.
MasterBar The MasterBar stores information about a bar which affects all tracks.
ModelUtils This public class contains some utilities for working with model public classes
Note A note is a single played sound on a fretted instrument. It consists of a fret offset and a string on which the note is played on. It also can be modified by a lot of different effects.
Tuning This public class represents a predefined string tuning.
Voice A voice represents a group of beats that can be played during a bar.