C# Класс ABT.Dereference

*Expr: Expr must be a pointer. Arrays and functions are implicitly converted to pointers. This is an lvalue, so it has an address.
Наследование: Expr
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Открытые методы

Метод Описание
CGenAddress ( CGenState state ) : void
CGenValue ( CGenState state ) : System.Reg
Dereference ( Expr expr, ExprType type ) : System

Описание методов

CGenAddress() публичный метод

public CGenAddress ( CGenState state ) : void
state CodeGeneration.CGenState
Результат void

CGenValue() публичный метод

public CGenValue ( CGenState state ) : System.Reg
state CodeGeneration.CGenState
Результат System.Reg

Dereference() публичный метод

public Dereference ( Expr expr, ExprType type ) : System
expr Expr
type ExprType
Результат System