C# (CSharp) AODL.Document.Styles Namespace

Nested Namespaces



Name Description
AxesStyle Summary description for AxesStyle.
CellStyle CellStyle represent the style that is used within a table cell.
ChartStyle Summary description for ChartStyle.
ChartStyles Summary description for ChartStyles.
ColumnStyle ColumnStyle represent a table column style.
DataPointStyle Summary description for DataPointStyle.
FloorStyle Summary description for FloorStyle.
FontFamilies Class reprsent all 102 available fonts in OpenOffice.
FrameStyle FrameStyle represent a style which is used within a draw frame object.
GridStyle Summary description for GridStyle.
LegendStyle Summary description for LegendStyle.
ListLevelStyle Represent the list level style.
ListStyle Represent the ListStyle for a List.
ParagraphStyle Represent the style for a Paragraph object.
PlotAreaStyle Summary description for PlotAreaStyle.
RowStyle RowStyle represent a style which is used within a table row
SectionStyle SectionStyle represent a section style.
TabStopStyle Class represent a TabStopStyle.
TableStyle TableStyle represent the style which is used within a spreadsheet table.
TextStyle Represent the style for a FormatedText object.
TitleStyle Summary description for TitleStyle.
UnknownStyle UnknownStyle represent an unknown style element.
WallStyle Summary description for WallStyle.