C# Class ACAT.Applications.ACATTalk.Program

Initializes the various modules in ACAT and activates the default scanner.
ファイルを表示 Open project: brlima94/acat-localization

Private Methods

Method Description
Main ( String args ) : void
createUser ( String batchFileName, String userName ) : bool

Creates the specified user using the batchFileName. Executes the batchfile which creates the user folder and copies the initialization files

createUserAndProfile ( ) : bool

Creates the user and profile directories if they don't exist

isOption ( String arg ) : bool

Checks if the specified string is an option flag. it should start with a - or a /

loadUserPreferences ( ) : bool

Loads user settings from the user's profile directory

parseCommandLine ( string args ) : void

Parses the command line arguments. Format of the arguments are -option

setProfileName ( ) : void

Sets the active profile name

setUserName ( ) : void

Sets the active user name