C# Class Christoc.Modules.DnnChat.View

The View class displays the content Typically your view control would be used to display content or functionality in your module. View may be the only control you have in your project depending on the complexity of your module Because the control inherits from DnnChatModuleBase you have access to any custom properties defined there, as well as properties from DNN such as PortalId, ModuleId, TabId, UserId and many more.
Inheritance: DnnChatModuleBase, IActionable
Datei anzeigen Open project: ChrisHammond/dnnCHAT

Public Properties

Property Type Description
DefaultAvatarUrl string
DefaultRoomId string
EncryptedRoles string
StartMessage string

Protected Methods

Method Description
OnInit ( EventArgs e ) : void
Page_Load ( object sender, EventArgs e ) : void

Method Details

OnInit() protected method

protected OnInit ( EventArgs e ) : void
e System.EventArgs
return void

Page_Load() protected method

protected Page_Load ( object sender, EventArgs e ) : void
sender object
e System.EventArgs
return void

Property Details

DefaultAvatarUrl public_oe property

public string DefaultAvatarUrl
return string

DefaultRoomId public_oe property

public string DefaultRoomId
return string

EncryptedRoles public_oe property

public string EncryptedRoles
return string

StartMessage public_oe property

public string StartMessage
return string