C# Class ABT.Expr

The cdecl calling convention: 1. arguments are passed on the stack, right to left. 2. int values and pointer values are returned in %eax. 3. floats are returned in %st(0). 4. when calling a function, %st(0) ~ %st(7) are all free. 5. functions are free to use %eax, %ecx, %edx, because caller needs to save them. 6. stack must be aligned to 4 bytes (before gcc 4.5, for gcc 4.5+, aligned to 16 bytes).
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Public Methods

Method Description
CGenAddress ( CGenState state ) : void
CGenValue ( CGenState state ) : System.Reg

Protected Methods

Method Description
Expr ( ) : System

Method Details

CGenAddress() public abstract method

public abstract CGenAddress ( CGenState state ) : void
state CodeGeneration.CGenState
return void

CGenValue() public abstract method

public abstract CGenValue ( CGenState state ) : System.Reg
state CodeGeneration.CGenState
return System.Reg

Expr() protected method

protected Expr ( ) : System
return System